bursting with fresh Lancashire produce

Gourmet Food Deli

Our deli is bursting with fresh Lancashire produce. Indulge in over 40 delicious cheeses, chutneys and preserves, pies, cakes, biscuits and condiments, with plenty of sugar-free and gluten-free products too. We also have an extensive range of craft and artisan gins, tonics, beers, wines and nibbles. Located in our Food Hall.

Ye Olde Sausage Shop

With more than 65 years experience between the three proprietors, the award-winning Ye Olde Sausage Shop are the go to Butchers for all your meat needs, offering exceptional quality, locally sourced products from chicken breasts and mince to steaks, their very own handmade award-winning sausages and much more.

Traditional sausage flavours such as Pork & Leek and Cumberland sit alongside modern combinations  – guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds. We have more than 12 different varieties of sausages available in our shops everyday and if we haven’t got your flavour, please ask and if we can we will make it for you straight away. This is just part of the service we deliver at Ye Olde Sausage Shop. We also have our own range of very popular slimmer’s products (Slimmer’s Choice) including sausages, burgers, kebabs, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms and peppers. They are all fat free or very low fat and extra tasty too!

Their renowned Slimmer’s Choice Range including Sausages, with less than 2% fat and 93% meat, Burgers and Meats are perfect if you’re looking for a more healthy option and there is plenty to tempt you in the way of ready-prepared meats including lamb pinwheels, chicken cushions, turkey meatballs, kebabs, stuffed peppers and stuffed mushrooms. Gluten-free sausages are available by pre-order too.

You haven’t tasted anything until you’ve tasted a Ye Olde Sausage Shop Sausage!

The Crumbly Cheese Deli

Come and try a taste of real Lancashire in The Crumbly Cheese Deli. It's bursting with fresh Lancashire produce including over 40 local, regional and international cheeses to tempt you. One of our best-sellers is, perhaps not surprisingly, Lancashire Crumbly. But have you ever tried Sticky Toffee Cheddar? Or the sought-after Blacksticks Blue, made at Butlers Farm in Preston? Maybe your favourite is Wensleydale with Apricot, or with Ginger; or maybe it will be, after you’ve had a taste during your visit!

The newest addition to our line-up is an extensive range of craft and artisan Gins and their perfect Tonics. From Sharish Blue Magic (which changes colour from blue to pink when you add tonic) to Zymurgorium (with innovative flavours such as Parma Violet, Marmalade and Turkish Delight), there's something for everyone.

Our Deli also has a mouth-watering selection of sweet and savoury Pies, Cakes and Biscuits, Preserves, Chutneys and Condiments, including the very special and versatile Lancashire Sauce (made by Entwistles of Ramsbottom). We also stock Beers and Ales from local breweries such as Naylor's and Bowland Brewery, Wines from around the world and locally-made award-winning tea and coffee. We're proud of our impressive range of gluten-free and sugar-free speciality products too.